"Kathryn Cloward is a true inspiration and musical healer with her uplifting, positive, and original songwriting." - Dana Plant, Backstage360 Magazine

Kathryn Cloward is a prolific and award-winning songwriter-artist. Her unmasked and authentic songwriting reveals the introspective and passionate woman she is and the journey of transformation she’s been on. A relatable storyteller of simplification, she articulates feelings and experiences into transparent and relatable lyrical stories. Her catalog includes five Kathryn Cloward albums, five children’s albums through her award-winning Kathryn the Grape® series, and many writing and producing credits for other artists. She is a voting member of the Recording Academy and has been a GRAMMY Awards® balloted artist multiple times.



"Lighthouse" is Kathryn Cloward's sixth full-length album. Releasing on 8/16/2024, this ten-song album features empowering songs that shine in love, light, and liberation. Stay tuned for pre-save links.

Magic Between Me and You

Recognized with a 2023 Global Music Award and a 2023 IMC Award for Best Americana Songwriter, “Magic Between Me and You” is Kathryn Cloward’s fifth full-length album. This nine-song collection is relatable to anyone braving personal transformation and healing, standing up for themselves and speaking their truth, advocating for justice, and experiencing love while journeying through life’s lessons and challenges.

Ripple Love

A warm-hearted, feel-good 12-song collection illuminating messages of love, peace, and compassionate understanding, "Ripple Love" (2017) is an album that inspires us all to courageously experience life and love uncontained. Kathryn Cloward honors timeless connection with “Forever,” “Dorothy,” and “I Held His Hand.” She’s vulnerably confessional in “Honesty” and “You Inspire Me,” and optimistically hopeful in “Dark Cloud” and “Garden of Love.” The title track, “Ripple Love,” is an impactful song inspiring personal transformation to create a positive ripple effect of change throughout our planet as we choose to journey “The Purposeful Path” of our lives.

Secret Keeper

In a time when many people are thirsty for understanding, Kathryn Cloward pours out her heart and dives deeper into revealing her truth in "Secret Keeper" (2017) to help others know they are not alone. This 11-song collection will resonate with anyone who is braving love, moving beyond deception, and courageously healing emotional wounds with the hope of cultivating authentic sustainable personal freedom. Kathryn articulates the internal struggle of shifting through the layers of romantic endings in “Wild Horse,” “Easy For You,” and “It Is Time,” and focuses on the empowerment of rising strong in “Just Friends,” “Ace of Spades,” and “Run.” She shares the full spectrum of her personal transformation in the title track, “Secret Keeper,” a song written for her own healing and shared to support the healing of others. The album ends appropriately with the acceptance of nurturing love in “New Moon.”

A Soft Place to Fall

Realizing that her intention and purpose were aligned when she voiced healing messages of love, Kathryn Cloward unearthed more to share in A Soft Place to Fall (2015). Through this revealing collection of songs, you are invited into the vulnerable world of a woman’s growing pains that follow emancipation. With soulful cries of her heart in “500 Miles” and “Miss You,” an empowering anthem of transformation in “Being Me,” and songs that reveal the vulnerability of love in “A Soft Place to Fall,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Lightning Love” these songs dive into a deeper authentic space between love and heartache, hope and healing—a space others may find themselves in from time to time, a space of lessons.  Kathryn’s second album reflects a woman who is now a fully free wanderer, living with her heart exposed, seeking safety and sanctuary in A Soft Place to Fall.

AWARDS: 2015 West Coast Country Music Association Album of the Year / 2015 West Coast Country Music Association Song of the Year "Lightning Love” / 2017 IMC Americana Song of the Year “I Will Be Going”

Free to Fly

An intimate body of work about liberation and individuality, over two years in the making, Free to Fly is Kathryn Cloward’s debut music album (2015).  Transparent, lyrical storytelling tracks her journey toward release and high-flying perspective. Woman. Wayfarer. Kathryn catalogs uplifting insights in both gentle, expressive ballads in “Love’s Worth Fighting For” and “Unconditionally,” and empowering vibrancy with “Free to Fly” and “Phoenix Rising,” all of which charts the transformational estuaries along “The Healing Road” that many of us experience when we choose to allow ourselves to untether and become fully free. Melodies take flight in Kathryn’s vulnerable, earnest vocal delivery, and lush musical arrangements soar. Coming out from behind her illustrated likeness in her children’s franchise, Kathryn the Grape, Kathryn reveals the emboldened woman that she is, as well as her life’s dream to share her heart through songs. Explore this library of warm, hard-won anthems about empowerment, transformation, and unconditional love.