“It only takes one of us for a movement to begin. A ripple effect starts from within.”

Ripple Love by Kathryn Cloward

Meet Kathryn Cloward

Kathryn Cloward is an award-winning author, songwriter, and producer. She’s the founder of Kandon Unlimited, Inc., a heart-centered mindful media company focused on energizing high integrity projects with positive and empowering messages for people of all ages. Cultivating a strong foundation solidified through the outpouring of her own creativity and risk, Kathryn has garnered national recognition for her purposeful books and songs for youth and adult audiences. A prolific storyteller of simplification, Kathryn enjoys crafting big topics into compelling stories and music for people of all ages to easily grasp and appreciate together. To date, she’s earned over 60 awards for her inspirational and mindful work, has written and published 30 books, has released over 100 songs, writes and produces for others, is a regular contributor of motivational content for a national magazine publication, and continues to be a mentor for women in business — drawing from her 23-year career as an entrepreneurial trailblazer. With a heart for service, Kathryn has consistently dedicated her time and resources to helping others have opportunities to thrive and has written impact songs for causes that support children braving cancer, rare disease awareness and refugee youth programs.


Father Joe Life Stories of a Hustler Priest

Is there such a thing as a hustler priest? Yes! Father Joe Carroll earned that label early in his career and it stuck. Always a wheeler and dealer, starting from his childhood in the Bronx, his ability to get things done served him well in developing what’s now called Father Joe’s Villages in San Diego, California. Father Joe: Life Stories of a Hustler Priest released worldwide on April 12, 2021 — Father Joe Carroll’s 80th birthday and it’s available on Amazon in print and eBook. A limited amount of autographed copies are available here. 

Father Joe & Kathryn Cloward on Good Morning San Diego

Father Joe's Six Golden Seeds

Father Joe’s Six Golden Seeds is a special edition Kathryn the Grape Let’s Read Together Series inspired by Father Joe Carroll’s example, whose longtime mission has provided dignified housing and compassionate services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This unifying Kathryn the Grape story provides youth readers with six golden seeds of goodness for life. Through vibrant illustrations and rhythmic storytelling, you’ll learn about being compassionate, forgiving, respectful, helpful, and empowering while experiencing God in everyone and everything. It also shares the true story of how Kathryn got her original “Kathryn the Grape” purple outfit from the original Father Joe’s Villages Thrift Store (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store) in downtown San Diego. 

Kathryn Cloward

“We all have a choice in every moment we breathe. Let’s choose to ripple love. Let peace be our energy.”

Kathryn Cloward Women in Leadership Award Acceptance Speech

Mentoring Women in Business

Kathryn’s heart for helping women have the tools and courage to energize their own creative and entrepreneurial endeavors has been recognized throughout the years including as a recent recipient of the Women in Leadership Award from San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce.

Songwriting Advocacy

Kathryn has blended her heart for service with her passion for songwriting to help raise awareness and support for causes that help improve and save lives. She has written impact songs for youth braving cancer (Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary), teen refugees (Intrepid Theatre + SAY San Diego), and rare disease advocacy (National MPS Society). In March 2021, an album she produced and wrote with teenager Michelle Hopkins was released to help shine a light of love on rare disease awareness.

Kathryn Cloward’s IKIGAI Episode

A Japanese word meaning a reason for being, IKIGAI is a wellness series created by filmmaker Milan Pompey-Williams. Milan graduated with her advanced degree in film right as COVID hit. Inspired to help people have tools and inspiration for mental health wellness during the pandemic and beyond, she launched the IKIGAI web series.

“Kathryn is a true inspiration and musical healer with her uplifting, positive and original songwriting.”

Dana Plant / Backstage360 Magazine


“Magic Between Me and You”

Kathryn Cloward Magic Between Me and You

“Sparks flew. That first moment I knew.”


Kathryn Cloward is Kathryn the Grape.

Kathryn the Grape Award-Winning Books and Songs by Kathryn Cloward
As a child, Kathryn loved wearing her favorite purple sweatsuit — an outfit her mom purchased from the Father Joe’s Villages Thrift Store (St. Vincent de Paul). At age 11, Kathryn’s softball coach Mr. Pierozzi nicknamed her “Kathryn the Grape” because she wore purple all the time.
Decades later, Kathryn was inspired to create an independent media series focused on helping children have tools for understanding and expressing their feelings. Kathryn the Grape® shares messages of love, compassion and unity through books, songs, videos, and shows — all while wearing her favorite purple outfit.

“Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series is self-help for kids.”

— Courtney Daly-Pavone, Macaroni Kids


2021 NAPPA Awards

Let’s Read Together Series (12)

“All Together” Album

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