“As we journey on the purposeful path we make changes, the kind that last. Every choice that we make and every pattern we erase takes us one step further down the purposeful path.”

Lyrics to The Purposeful Path by Kathryn Cloward


For those of you traveling your own path, I get it! Perhaps pieces of my journey will resonate with you and help you on the way. Find out more about my “why” here.

I’ve been intentional about weaving together channeled creativity with two decades of business leadership to live my dreams and help others do the same. Find out more here.

It took me years to fulfill my purpose and live my dream. I braved the path while living through life’s greatest challenges. Perhaps my songs will help you. All music links are here.

In 2009, I took a sledgehammer to my “American Dream” life. Awakened, receptive, and guided by my intuition, I started writing. A decade later, I’ve created a self-help series to help people of all ages, children especially, understand and express their feelings. Find out more here.

After taking seven years off, The Ripple Effect® with Kathryn Cloward is back! I’m passionate about adding value to your life through sharing content and conversations that inspire positive, mindful, and heart-centered choices. To listen and find out more, click here.

Michelle Hopkins is the vibrant teenager who initially inspired me to write “Heroes” in support of people with MPS, ML, and related rare diseases. Thus far, we’ve released three versions of the song and two music videos, two of which feature Michelle. Find out more here.

Music is inclusive and expansive, and it elevates listeners in magical ways. Kathryn Cloward and The Royals are all about sharing love. I welcome you to follow along with my band on social media, watch our videos, and check out our upcoming show calendar here.

Helping others experience sustainable fulfillment is at the heart of every message I share whether through books, music, and talks. With unmasked authenticity and transparent storytelling, I share to help you experience personal and professional greatness. Find out more here.

Sedona is my sanctuary. I’ve taken many pilgrimages to Sedona for various reasons. Each trip has provided abundant clarity and channeled creativity. Beyond my books and music, I share about business and life insights on my blog. I invite you to read more here.

Women in Leadership Award

Here’s a video of Kathryn’s September 2018 acceptance speech.

I Held His Hand

A Tribute Song for My Dad and All Loving Men

In the weeks following my Dad’s passing, grief inspired a song to channel through me flowing from my feelings associated with this photo. “I Held His Hand” shares a lyrical story that may resonate with you because many of us have experienced a loving man help us journey through life whether it be our dad, step-dad, father-figure, grandfather, mentor, etc.

Or perhaps YOU are the man and find yourself wondering at times if your presence has impact. Trust me…it does!

Three years ago today, I was in the recording studio bringing this song into full manifestation. My mom and my brother Ken were there with me. It was really special. It was a loving layer of healing brought forth through a song. For anyone journeying through loss, perhaps this song will bring forth some healing energy and feel-good memories to help you tune into and trust love’s infinite connection.

Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series Kathryn the Grape is self help for kids. They contain powerful messages of love and understanding in fun easy to read stories.

Courtney Daly-Pavone

Publisher, Macaroni Kid Central San Diego

Kathryn is a true inspiration and musical healer with her uplifting, positive, and original songwriting.

Dana Plant

Writer, BackStage360.com

“Warrior Woman” by Kathryn Cloward