For those of you traveling your own path, I get it! Perhaps pieces of my journey will resonate with you and help you on the way. Find out more about my “why” here.

It took me years to align with my purpose and live my dream. I braved the path while living through life’s greatest challenges. Perhaps my songs will help you. All music links are here.

I’ve been intentional about weaving together channeled creativity with two decades of business leadership to live my dreams and help others do the same. Find out more here.

Performing is a joyful aspect of the creative process for me. Every time I share in solo events or stage shows with my band, I am living my childhood dream. My hope is to help others know that it is never too late to try to fulfill their dreams and goals. Find out more here.

In 2010, I formed my media company to independently publish and own all rights to my Kathryn the Grape brand. A decade later, Kathryn the Grape has grown to be a multi-award-winning series and the ripple effect continues to expand. Find out more here.

The Ripple Effect® with Kathryn Cloward is coming back! I’m passionate about adding value to your life through sharing content and conversations that inspire positive, mindful, and heart-centered choices. TRE media is expanding. Stay tuned…!

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