“It only takes one of us for a movement to begin. A ripple effect starts from within.”

Ripple Love by Kathryn Cloward

A Dream Come True

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a songwriter. In the sanctuary of my room, I wrote songs and sang them for my dolls. I had a big imagination and carried that dream with me for years. But, it was put on hold for decades as I lived through major life lessons and garnered the courage and business experience to pursue my dream on my own terms.

Now, I am fully living my dream! In the past five years, I’ve written and released four full-length Kathryn Cloward albums and two Kathryn the Grape albums, and have performed and headlined at some legendary venues. I’m also writing and producing songs for other artists now.

If you have a dormant dream or desire within you, I encourage you to take action and start trying to make it happen. If you’re breathing you have time!

Perhaps my songs and my journey will resonate with you. I invite you to listen and follow along.

Kathryn Cloward Music

Kathryn the Grape Music

Kathryn Cloward is Kathryn the Grape.

When I was 11 years old, my softball coach nicknamed me “Kathryn the Grape” because I wore purple all of the time. Decades later, I brought that nickname to life in stories and songs. Through Kathryn the Grape, I help children have self-development tools as they grow through life. I invite you to find out more about my award-winning Kathryn the Grape series of books, music, and videos.

“Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series is self-help for kids.”

— Courtney Daly-Pavone, Macaroni Kids
Kathryn Cloward is Kathryn the Grape.

Self-Help Books for Kids

Kathryn the Grape’s award-winning books tackle important life subjects in ways children are able to understand while providing practical social emotional well-being tools in creative ways.

page 11-cover


Only through Divine synchronicity could my story come full circle to being personally asked by Father Joe to write a book for him. Why? Because it was when my mom worked for him at St. Vincent de Paul that she purchased my signature Kathryn the Grape outfit. Now, decades later, I have the unique honor of bringing his life story forth. Everything connects! 

Kathryn Cloward writing Father Joe's Life Story

Writing & Producing for Rare Diseases

I met Michelle Hopkins when I wrote “Heroes” — my song that helps raise awareness for National MPS Society and the rare disease community. I’ve been honored to write and produce Michelle’s debut album and help make one of her dreams come true. She’s singing to cure rare diseases. You want to know this extraordinary teenager.

Michelle Hopkins HAVE HOPE Album Cover 1000

In Process

I am a woman in process. Writing is one of the ways I process life. Sometimes words manifests through songs and books, and other times through poetry and blog entries. Perhaps my blog will resonate with you. I invite you to process along with me.

Kathryn Cloward Warrior Woman
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