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"Lighthouse" is Kathryn Cloward's sixth full-length album. Releasing on August 16, 2024, this ten-song album features empowering songs that shine in love, light, and liberation. Stay tuned for pre-save links.

Magic Between Me and You

Kathryn Cloward’s fifth studio, “Magic Between Me and You,” has been well received by earning a 2023 Global Music Award and IMC Award for Best Americana Songwriter, and it was her first KC album to be GRAMMY® balloted. This nine-song collection is relatable to anyone braving personal transformation and healing, standing up for themselves and speaking their truth, advocating for justice, and experiencing love while journeying through life’s lessons and challenges.

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Kathryn is a Contributing Editor for Guitar Girl Magazine, a nationally distributed top-quality magazine for female-identified guitar players and music industry professionals. Through her "Kathryn's Korner" articles, Kathryn shares inspirational and motivational tips and content gleaned from 15 years of transformational life experiences and over two decades of successful entrepreneurial company ownership including brand development, intellectual property rights, music business navigation, and more.

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