I am a storyteller.
Songwriter. Author. Producer.

Kathryn Cloward


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you’re able to glean some inspiration for your journey. My purpose is simple. I desire to help people feel good about themselves and others. I know from personal experience, that’s an inside job. We ripple love from the inside out. My hope is to help people be more loving with themselves and others, naturally and unconditionally.


Braving past decades of self-doubt, I launched myself into the music industry in 2015 and fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a songwriter. I’m a transparent lyrical storyteller about life experiences — love, loss, hope, healing. Some songs are soft and vulnerable while others are empowering and fierce. Perhaps the songs in my collection will resonate with you.


When I was 11 years old, my softball coach nicknamed me “Kathryn the Grape” because I wore purple all of the time. Decades later, I was inspired to create an inclusive and unifying media series to provide people of all ages with tools of love. My son is my greatest inspiration as we grow through life together. I desire to help everyone shine, children and adults alike.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I was raised by parents who valued “hard work” and empowered me to earn my own way while knowing I was entitled to nothing. My (late) dad encouraged me believe in unlimited possibilities and to seek solutions for every issue that arises. Spanning over two decades, my entrepreneurial journey has been energized by innate resilience and an optimistic spirit to create opportunities for myself and others.

Life is a Journey

While I am outgoing and enjoy performing and public speaking, I am an introvert. I energize alone. In fact, I process much of life within myself. Then I write and share about my experiences and lessons learned through my books, songs, poetry, talks, and blog. I invite you to follow along with my blog musings to read about what I’m percolating on, which may speak to you.

The Healing Road

I used to think I wasn’t creative or a decent writer, so I didn’t create and I didn’t write. But once I started on the healing road of my life, creating and writing was a pathway for me to experience sustainable fulfillment and self-love. The more I braved the outward expression of my interior world through songwriting, the more brave things I did…like shooting music videos. I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
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