Recipient of the 2015 West Coast Country Music Association Awards for Traditional Country Album of the Year and Song of the Year for “Lightning Love”

As production on Kathryn Cloward’s Free to Fly debut music album took a brief pause, she picked up her guitar and started writing more songs. Realizing that her intention and purpose were aligned when she voiced healing messages of love, Kathryn unearthed even more to share in A Soft Place to Fall. Through this revealing collection of songs, you are invited into the vulnerable world of a woman’s growing pains that follow emancipation. From soulful cries of her heart to an empowering anthem of transformation, these songs dive into a deeper authentic space between love and heartache, hope and healing—a space others may find themselves in from time to time, a space of lessons. Kathryn’s second album reflects a woman who is now a fully free wanderer, living with her heart exposed, seeking safety and sanctuary in A Soft Place to Fall. CLICK HERE for all music link and production credits.

An intimate body of work about liberation and individuality, over two years in the making, Free to Fly is Kathryn Cloward’s debut music album.  Transparent, lyrical storytelling tracks her journey toward release and high-flying perspective. Woman. Wayfarer. Kathryn catalogues her uplifting insights in both gentle, expressive ballads and vibrant, midtempo tunes that chart the transformational estuaries along the healing road. Melodies take flight in Kathryn’s vulnerable, earnest vocal delivery, and lush musical arrangements soar. Coming out from behind her illustrated likeness in her children’s franchise, Kathryn the Grape, Kathryn reveals the emboldened woman that she is, as well as her life’s dream to share her heart through songs. Explore this library of warm, hard-won anthems about empowerment, transformation, and unconditional love. CLICK HERE for all music links and production credits.

Award-Winning Songwriter & Book Series Author

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Intrepid Theatre Company’s Exiled Voices Refugee Art Experience

Kathryn Cloward with Divine for Intrepid Theatre Company's Exiled Voices Refugee Art Experience

I am honored to be one of the artists participating in Intrepid Theatre Company’s Exiled Voices: Refugee Art Experience.  I have been spending time each week at Crawford High School with my partnered student, Divine. I am purposed with writing a song about her and her life story. We have bonded as friends and share many laughs together. She is a gift to me.

Here is the link to watch the video and read the article that Divine and I are featured in sharing about this purposeful program.  I will be debuting the song I wrote about her on Sunday, March 12th at 6pm at the Horton Grand Theatre in historic Downtown San Diego at the Exiled Voices event. Two of my bandmates, Chris Anderson (acoustic/vocals) and Israel Garcia (percussion) will be joining me on stage to bring this song to life at the debut performance.

Kathryn Cloward and Divine - Intrepid Theatre Company Exiled Voices Refugee Art Experience