I’ve gone to the hospital every day this week to visit someone I love very much who recently reached their personal rock bottom, which was a result of self sabotaging choices to mask the emotional pain of the sexual abuse they encountered as a child. It’s been a week of pouring out love to others while also having mini meltdowns because I am getting triggered in some major ways. I didn’t want to go back and look at my stuff…again. But it’s always there because “Secret Keeper” is the story that explains my why.

I pour my heart into helping empower other people to speak up for themselves because I didn’t. I encourage others to shine their light because I dimmed mine for so long because being out in front brought forth unwanted attention that I wasn’t strong enough to handle.

Today, as I sat in a hospital room laughing like kids with my loved one in one moment then embracing them through the tears of open wounds in another, I heard my voice saying, “It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault.”

The same words Dr. Drue Bogdonoff said to me nine years ago when I was brave enough to tell her my secret.

If this triggers your secret keeper wounds, don’t keep it in. Tell someone. You’re not alone. Freedom awaits…


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