I didn’t grow up with sisters. My friends are my sisters. I cherish all my trusted sisterhood bonds — like the bond I share with Katy. This was us a few weeks ago in selfie mode over 20 years after the seeds of our bond were planted. It’s been with a watering of love and understanding that our connection has sustained and bloomed throughout the years, within life’s ever-evolving seasons.

I’m grateful for Katy. Her friendship feels good. She’s never judged me. She’s always been caring, understanding and loving to me.

Katy’s lived in Phoenix with her husband and their children for some time. Many of my spontaneous Sedona sanctuary trips have included contacting her with minimal notice asking to stay in their casita so I could wake up and make the two-hour drive from Phoenix into Sedona as the sun rises over the red rocks — a stunning sight and sacred welcoming I love experiencing.

And whenever I’ve reached out, Katy’s response is something along the lines of, “You’re always welcome. The door will be unlocked. When you arrive, just come inside.” What a beautiful feeling of being welcomed — wrapped in love.

I share this today because we are in a time when connection is easily deleted and relationships wiped away like a cache clearing of an internet browser. Yet many people are yearning for sustainable connection — the kind of connection with bonds that are deeply rooted and seasonally sustainable. While we need technology and it serves a great purpose, may we choose to recognize the bonding wisdom revealed to us through Mother Nature.

When an oak tree has allowed itself time to take root, its grounded strength increases and is expansive. Its deepening roots interconnect with others, unconditionally helping nourish more growth. With that growth, its branches provide welcoming shade for those wandering, seeking, journeying, and experiencing — among other things. And the within the ever-evolving seasons of change, the oak tree proves to be resilient. It remains.

May our sacred relationships be like oak trees — rooted and bonded, strong and resilient, welcoming and remaining.

And when those we love seek sanctuary, may we help them feel welcome on their journey — wrapped in love with unlocked doors.

You’re always welcome. Just come inside.

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