A few years ago, I led myself on a shamanic journey, as I often do. As I entered my familiar garden, I called upon my ancestors. My grandma walked up to greet me. We hugged. I cried feeling her touch. We sat together on a bench overlooking the flowing river.

At one point she told me she had a special gift for me and handed me a silver key necklace. I asked her what the key opened. She smiled and told me she’d show me.

We got up and I followed her on a bridge across the river. We walked along a pathway for a while that led to an opening that revealed a large gold colored castle with a fence around it — a fence that had plenty of space between each post to see in and out. It wasn’t a barrier but it served a protective purpose for sure.

She said to me, “You hold the key to your queendom. Your love is the key.” I knew why she showed me this as it was symbolic of so many pieces of my journey — gold symbolizing abundance, the fenced in home that’s both welcoming and safe, and the use of “queendom” because it’s my channeled creation.

As we spoke about what was ahead for me in life I told her that I was scared to do what I was meant to do. She said she knew I was scared but reminded me that I was already doing it all. I was already being brave. She said I just needed to release myself from fear.

She guided me to a nearby tree and told me to give all of my fears to the “trust tree.” I did as she instructed. With my eyes closed and head down in prayer, I placed both of my hands on the tree. Unifying my energy with Mother Nature, I poured out my fears — fear of judgement, fear of separation, fear of unworthiness, fear of never being loved for who I truly am, fear of exposure’s lack of safety.

I poured it all out.

When I was done, I felt lighter and clear. Some of the fears I had been carrying all of a sudden seemed so trivial.

Grandma asked me what single word came to mind. I said, “Believe.” She smiled and nodded. Believe! Trust! I understood the purpose for our meeting and my journey. We walked back across the bridge to the other side and hugged as I shifted back. ✨

May you pour your fears into the trust tree and believe in the power of your channeled manifestation.

Your love is the key.

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