My journey has been a journey of TRUST — a Spirit-guided decade of lesson learning. It’s been appropriate for me to reveal only pieces thus far. But now it’s time to share the completed puzzle — the big picture, the inter-connectivity of it all.

I sat with someone last week who asked me what I needed. “What do you need, Kathryn? How can I help you?” Fully trusting the energy of the moment and allowing huge tears to flow from my eyes, I felt the soul recognition of yet another earth-Angel brought forth with Divine timing to help manifest the vision that Spirit has trusted me with.

Which makes me reflect on other Divinely timed meetings. For example, I recall how someone told me last summer that I shouldn’t talk about “Angels” and “Spirit” when talking about what I do.

For a brief moment I second guessed my language — my truth.

In gratitude I know that person was placed on my path with Divine timing, too. They helped me reconfirm my purpose.

As I am about to cross over another miraculous milestone, I stand confidently in my truth as the light of love continues to flow in with complete nourishment. I joyfully pour its sustenance out to others to help them heal, grow, and shine. Then, they help others do the same and onward we all go rippling love and expanding light.

We are light.

We are love.

We’re all in this together. We are inter-connected.

Piece by piece WE are the big picture.

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