Posting this photo for a Kathryn the Grape announcement sent me down a trail of remembrance that made me pause and write this piece. Perhaps one of you will benefit from reading this to help along your own journey…. ?

9.5 years ago I experienced being woken up every morning at 3am with this message running through my mind: “Get up and start writing Kathryn the Grape.”

The seed of an idea my Mom shared with me many years prior was trying to bloom in my awareness. While my inner voice had been trying to get my attention about this calling for a while, I always dismissed the messages because I was too busy doing other things. (Too busy…that’s always our excuse, right??!!)

But apparently my Divine self was tired of being kept dormant and contained by that excuse. She started rising up and asserting herself by waking me up at a time when going back to sleep was no longer possible — both physically or spiritually.

At the start of my Divine awakening, my son was about the same age as the smaller crimson-haired little girl in this photo. It could be him in this photo, minus the ruffles. While Landon doesn’t recall a time when Kathryn the Grape wasn’t part of his life, I do.

I am glad I decided to stop being too busy to listen, trust, allow, and become. I am glad I got up and started writing. Almost a decade later and everything is different now…mainly me. (My Angels have been patient with me!)

Perhaps your inner voice has been trying to get your attention.

Perhaps it’s time for you to wake up and start….

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