I’m so proud of my nephew. Adam just turned 18 and is now an Eagle Scout. This is a major life achievement!

Scouting was a huge part of my family growing up. If you were at my Dad’s Celebration of Life two years ago, you heard Father Joe speak about all of the scouting adventures he had with my Dad and brothers.

I share this post because two years ago my brother was wrongfully ejected from his home by armed Sheriffs based on false allegation of his wife. Fueled by greed, control, and a carefully crafted plan (months in the making) organized by a downtown law firm, my brother was removed from his home with only 10 minutes to grab his belongings and was legally withheld from seeing his kids for 103 days.

103 days!!!

Within a few weeks, those accusations against my brother were “unfounded” by experts — meaning they didn’t happen — but the system is whack and billable hours pay law firms with unethical agendas so the meter kept running and my brother was restrained.

During those 103 days, our Dad died and we had to go to court to get permission from a judge for my nephew and niece to attend the funeral. The ridiculous lawyers fueling this case fought hard so Ken couldn’t be near his children during that time and it was ruled that my niece and nephew had to stay 100 feet away from my brother at our Dad’s funeral. That’s right… Ken couldn’t even comfort his own kids at their grandfathers funeral.


My brother was never allowed back into his house and all of his hard earned possessions that he joyfully provided for his family were kept from him.

I sat in a courtroom for months next to my grieving Mom as we heard the most insane accusations about my brother, my deceased Dad, my Mom, and even me. But Ken was honorable and told his truth — even the parts that he’s not proud of. My mighty Mom sat there every day with her head held high and trusted God would see this through. (I lost my sh*t a few time — #justsaying)

Fast forward two years and now my brother has custody of his children. That’s right… his children are with him all of the time and they are thriving.


Ken fought to save his good name. Mom fought to save her son and grandchildren. In fact, the only way we could fight the system is because my Mom chose to use most of my Dad’s life insurance policy to save my brother and his children and restore our family — money that was meant to help Mom live her life.

Worth it.

This photo of my happy nephew in his Boy Scout uniform — a uniform my Dad and brothers wore — worth it.

I am proud of my brother. To know Ken is to know a man with super charged energy, a tireless work ethic, and a heart of gold. He loves his family and he’s a fighter!

So many men are being taken to the cleaner and being kept away from their kids because the system still largely puts a mother’s right first and lawyers know how to stretch it all out to keep the billable hours meter running.

I know what it feels like for someone to make false accusations about me, threaten me, and bully me through a public forum. Thank goodness my path was simply to shift away from that person.

I also know what it feels like to co-parent in harmony with my ex-husband and watch our son thrive.

This expensive legal mess (that Ken is still dealing with) did not need to happen. We need to start shining a light on what’s not working in the family legal system and fix it — for the good our our children!

Great Dad’s deserve justice and have equality, too.

There needs to be accountability and recourse for anyone, both men and women, for making accusations that are found to be false — unfounded.

I stand with great Dads and the continued effort to elevate amazing men of honor like this fine young man — Eagle Scout, Adam Cloward.

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