I’m so excited to share we are 100% on track with achieving our goal for publishing the final three books in the seven-book Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. We’re also on track with the development of our live stage show and our next Kathryn the Grape album as forecasted.

All of these pieces of creativity directly impact the expansion of our charitable work through Kandon Cares. By this time next year, every project I’ve been manifesting for the past decade will be materialized. It will be clear how every song, story and mindful decision connects to the energy of unconditional love powered by a heart-centered purpose to empower and inspire people of all ages.

I’ve used the analogy of a train for years when describing what I do and why. There’s one train with multiple cars connected by purpose and fueled by love. It’s simple. But creation takes time and momentum requires space. When I started seeking partnerships to help seed Kandon Cares and produce “Heroes” for our Songs for Charity program, three of the first four people “in” were people who met me 17 years ago in a business setting. Why? They know my heart. They know my work ethic. And they know, by way of years of proving it to be so, that I always do what I say I’m going to do. I do the work and take the risks necessary to achieve desired results.

I’m proud of the path I’ve traveled. My motivation to keep the train going continues because there are treasures in transport that can’t be delivered any other way that direct to you. Just like authentic unmasked relationships — both professional and personal — are cultivated by actually talking with people and experiencing their essence, I know the best way to ripple love is by sharing music and messages directly with people one meaningful encounter at a time.

This is a train I encountered on my walk the other day. It had over 50 cars attached. Hmmm, that makes my mind wonder how many cars will attach to our movement??!!

For everyone in manifestation mode, I encourage you to keep going! Lay your tracks. Know what fuels you. Help others. Trust time.

Full speed ahead.


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