I’m headed back to Beth Israel Preschool tonight to be part of their Family Summer Concert Series. This is my third year in a row sharing Kathryn the Grape music with their community and I’m so grateful. (This photo is from my first summer concert with them.)

This is yet another opportunity that came my way through my friend Hullabaloo Steve. When I first started sharing Kathryn the Grape music live, Steve gave me my first stage opportunity at his festival. He has consistently referred me to events that desire family music entertainers. What a gift!

Sharing positive and empowering messages is what I do for people of all ages. In a time when there’s so much negativity swirling around and people are struggling within, my “medicine” is my music (natural good vibrations) and my messages (affirmations of authenticity). Helping people feel good about themselves matters to me because I know from personal experience that when we truly love and accept ourselves we’re more fully aligned to #ripplelove to others, unconditionally.

I started my personal journey of transformation over nine years ago inspired by my son. When Landon was a toddler I was struggling with life in many ways. I sure “looked” like I had it all together but I was a mess on the inside. Yet this little boy — the heart of my heart — inspired me to transform everything. Everything!

During that time, I’d always make up songs for Landon. He loved when I’d sing my little ditties for him — one of which became the chorus for my #Unconditionally song on my #FreeToFly album. Landon’s joy was my joy.

Also during that time when Landon was a toddler, Steve came to our playgroup and shared Hullabaloo music with everyone. I was inspired. I wanted to do what he was doing. Fast forward through the years and now I do. I awakened and transformed my personal pain into my purpose and now I get to live my childhood dream. Magical.

May we all be inspired to fulfill our purpose and Iive our dreams not for anything other than because we LOVE how we feel about ourselves doing it. Everything else falls into place from there. Love is the key.

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