This is what you see. But behind every show there are about 300 details being handled before we get on stage. And behind most songs there’s a songwriter who’s working through their most personal stuff, channeled through lyrics and music. And if they’re a performing songwriter, they also brave the stage which isn’t a lead motivation for many.

Thus, I feel led to say this…

When you hear live music, read a book, see photography or artwork hanging on a wall, watch a video or theatre performance, or experience any artistic expression at all, you’re seeing the outward manifestation of an artist’s inner world and/or passions. And while there are a million different reasons why people choose to share their artistry, braving the vulnerability of self-expression is sacred and beautiful because it’s real.


So for anyone straddling the line trying to decide if stepping into creative self-expression is the choice you want to make, I say go for it even if you’re scared. Shine your natural light, not with the hope that people will admire you (ego!) but to fulfill your soul’s desire. In doing so, you will probably inspire others to be brave, vulnerable, and exposed too. Besides nothing innovative manifests without artistry. Nothing.

We need artists. We need real. We need you. Light it up.

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