Patience and persistence are a delicate balance. There aren’t many things that happen overnight. It is my personal experience that meaningful manifestation takes time and purposeful intention. Let me share a bit of the story behind this song, “Ripple Love.”

Eight years ago, I met a woman named Jennie Lapointe. She started out as a spiritual mentor, yet grew into being one of my most trusted and unconditionally loving friends. Jennie helped me absorb the wisdom of being mindful and discerning about the energy of my ripple effect. Seven years ago, I hosted an Internet radio show called The Ripple Effect. I teach about our personal ripple effect in my Kathryn the Grape’s Piece of Love book and I even weaved the concept into my 2012 TEDx talk.

The lyrics and melody of “Ripple Love” came to me in December 2015 while I was on a walk. I quickly got together with friend and bandmate Barry Rosenbaum to help me write the music. I loved the song so much that it knocked “Warrior Woman” out of the title track position for what would become my third full- length CD of original songs. Barry and I envisioned that one day we’d play this song on stage at the Belly Up with our band. Even thought Barry passed last summer, I believe wholeheartedly he was on stage with us the other night tickling the ivories of his Heavenly keyboard as we released this song — this message — into the world. I am pleased to share that Barry’s children, John and Katie Rosenbaum, are the named music songwriters with me. (I know he would have wanted that!)

During the time when I was bringing “Ripple Love” to life, Jennie’s daughter was going through treatment for cancer at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. Samara was just a toddler then and I am pleased to share that she is now four years old and in remission! Jennie will tell you Rady Children’s saved her daughter’s life.

Samara means a lot to me. She is a character in the above-mentioned Kathryn the Grape book and is featured on the Kathryn the Grape logo. Samara got on “stage” with me the other day in Balboa Park for National Carousel Day to sing a few songs, including the title track of the multi-award winning Kathryn the Grape music album, “We’re All in This Together,” which is essentially the same song as “Ripple Love” with some lyrical differences in the verses.

As you can see, headlining at the Belly Up for my double album release and aligning the show to be a fundraiser to support the purposeful work being done through Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary was the effect of many ripples over many years from many people, including the four magical men on stage with me in this video.

The ripple effect of “Ripple Love” is just getting started. I trust this song will reach all the people who will benefit from hearing it. We play it in every Kathryn Cloward show, so I hope you will learn the lyrics and sing along with us at the next one.

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