Now I trust what I know
My intuition’s in the flow
I realize what I feel is real

Fully living my purpose
The hard journey’s been worth it
Now I help other people as they heal

from The Purposeful Path

As I close out this year with a calendar full of opportunities to share my original music with others — both KC solo or full band and Kathryn the Grape music — I am beyond grateful for every lesson learned along the way. At times it has been rough and I’ve been challenged to the core of my being. I’ve had many choice point moments of decision making that could have changed my course. Yet with Divine guidance and protection, I continue to brave the terrain with a joyful heart because living the most vibrant and authentic expression of my heart to help others along their path is the choice I make on a daily basis.

And thankfully above all else, my son — who’s my greatest inspiration and the heart of my heart — is thriving and happy. That alone is more than enough.

With a only a few more weeks in this year, I encourage you to close it out with a healed heart and shining soul. Do what you need to do to get right with yourself and others so you may be clear stepping forward into 2019 peacefully, purposefully, and joyfully.

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