I must have shared this post a year ago today because it popped up on my Facebook memories. This was Landon’s thoughts when he was nine years old. I feel inclined to share again and some thoughts.

Our boys could never even consider wearing a shirt that says, “the future is male” or “boy power,” yet our girls are rocking those designs. The Future is Female. Girl Power.

Can we be mindfully open to a fresh stream of awareness that perhaps there has been so much energy pouring into the empowerment of our girls while our boys are perhaps feeling confused and/or muffled to fully self-express?

I was raised around boys having three older brothers. I’m raising a son. I have worked with men in business my entire career spanning over two decades. I’m an empowered woman who has consistently blazed my own trail and earned my own living, not in spite of men but in cooperation with me them.

I also know many people, both men and women, who are deeply wounded and haven’t been unable to fully express their feelings for a variety of reasons including lacking the tools to do so. This was me a decade ago. Hence why I do what I do now.

In my opinion, we need our boys whole, empowered, and self-expressive just as much as we need our girls to be. Our children need us to be. The future is everyone.

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