In my opinion, it is pure self-love to allow ourselves to cut the chord of energy that connects to any unhealthy circumstance. Yet, it is often really hard for us to do and feels quite strange because swirling and looping within toxic energy has been more of a constant state of being—feels normal and familiar— as opposed to dwelling within peaceful unconditionally loving energy.

I get this because I’ve lived it.

A few years ago, my dear friend taught me about this concept using an analogy of being on a merry-go-round. Through the lessons I gleaned from Jennie’s Shaman wisdom, I wrote a song about it. Merry Go Round, co-written with Rich Wiley, is on my  Free To Fly album and it is a song about allowing ourselves to step off of the merry-go-round’s loop and step into new possibilities. For some people the merry-go-round in their lives is a job or career choice that no longer feels right. For others, it is a romantic relationship or friendship, or even an antiquated family pattern, that no longer feels right.

No matter what the merry-go-round circumstance, I wonder what it would be like if we collectively shifted our perception of “endings” away from shame and defeat into compassionate joy and love for ourselves and others.

What if when a couple divorces or a romantic partnership ends, we compassionately love each wounded person involved in that uncoupling equally and unconditionally — never digging for drama or mining for a singular source of blame — and lovingly give each of them space to explore what is new and right for their unique journey.

What if when someone chooses to stop investing their time and energy into a job or careers that no longer feels right for them, and instead chooses to work for a cause or project that feels more soul-nourishingly fulfilling, we affirm their courage and unconditionally love them as they explore new.

And what if down the line, the gift of time provides for some of the circumstances that were once toxic and unhealthy to circle back into our lives once there has been space for healing, growth, and shifts in perception. (I’ve experienced this a few times and it does feel wonderful when it happens.)

Anyhow, these are just some of the thoughts that came to me today. Looping back to my original thought…here’s the lyric video for Merry Go Round. Perhaps you or someone you love needs this message today.

If you resonate with this song, you can download it from iTunes here.

Click HERE for a printable lyric sheet for Merry Go Round.



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