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Award-Winning Author, Songwriter and Serial Entrepreneur Kathryn Cloward

Kathryn Cloward is a dynamic and vibrant personality who motivates and inspires audiences with her engaging and candid talks. Whether drawing from over two decades of successful entrepreneurial experience and company ownership or from the wisdom gained through transformational and intuitively guided living, Kathryn delivers messages that empower audiences with personal and professional greatness. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people through her straightforward, animated, and vulnerable approach. In addition to exposing her successes, Kathryn transparently reveals some of the enormous challenges she has faced in both her professional and her personal life, and more importantly, she shares how she overcame them and grew from them.

Kathryn’s inspirational messages are straight from the pages of her own life. Starting her speaking platform in college by earning a Top Speaker Award at a forensic debate tournament and spanning the years into business senimars and empowerment conferences, to her 2012 TEDx Talk and internet radio show The Ripple Effect® with Kathryn Cloward, Kathryn has earned a reputation as an inspirational, educational, and transformational messenger with an innate ability to speak on a large scope of topics to audiences of all ages. Taking her messages to a greater depth of vibrancy, Kathryn weaves her inspirational and transformation music into her presentations. Not one to share canned speeches, Kathryn customizes every talk she gives to each unique audience she encounters.

Read Kathryn’s professional bio here. Connect with her on Linkedin here.

Kathryn Cloward TEDx Speaker 2013

If your group is looking for someone who can speak from experience and provide relatable, tangible, and candid examples of growing professionally and personally, Kathryn is the natural fit. I am confident your audience will appreciate her memorable presentation as much as ours did.

Gabriela Dow
Partner at Plug and Play Tech Center & Director at NV5

Kathryn Cloward Women in Leadership Award Acceptance Speech

Kathryn’s passionate energy and outlook on life are like beams of radiant light. When she speaks, her words invite a new level of clarity and ignite hope, courage and inspiration to take the next big steps in one’s future.  Kathryn shared words that I refer to daily to guide and channel my focus, and I find myself sharing those words with others who may experience the same benefit.

Jennifer Tokatyan
Board of Directors, Angel Faces


Speaker Bio

  • Kathryn works with Intrepid Theatre Company as a featured artist and speaker for our community outreach and education initiative Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Experience. Aside from her talents as a songwriter, Kathryn has an intuitive ability to cultivate empathy and understanding in her audiences and to create connections among diverse populations. Whether it’s a room full of community organizers, a classroom full of students or an audience in a sold out theatre, Kathryn speaks clearly and concisely from the heart in a way that is both inspiring and activating.

    Tiffany Tang

  • Kathryn Cloward is one of the most amazing, powerful, motivational speakers I have ever met.  I wanted to personally engage successful women entrepreneurs who were fulfilling their passion.  This conference provided profound perspectives on how to initiate a business as an entrepreneur, but the most captivating speaker was Kathryn Cloward.  Her message was transformational and inspiring as it empowered me with clarity and provided the necessary tools I needed.  Kathryn’s speech reinvigorated my passion! Her authenticity and transparency has left an indelible mark in my heart and because of her I now possess strength and confidence as a motivational speaker. Her optimistic message and charismatic personality is both entertaining and empowering.

    Sandra Gonzalez

  • Kathryn blends both her ability to connect with you and the mastery of communication through music. She is a wonderful speaker who can relate the issues of today’s society with what individual person’s are going through. You’ve got to listen to her!

    Dan O Nyamangah
    SAY San Diego

  • Kathryn did a beautiful job creating the momentum of the day as the kick-off speaker at our parenting conference.  Her inspiring and passionate words were eloquently shared with the audience.

    Susie Walton
    Author and Founder
    Indigo Village

  • Kathryn encouraged the students to be open to their truth and creativity – growing as artists and thinkers – always honoring their most authentic being. Kathryn’s ability to motivate and teach and inspire – makes her a natural in the classroom. She is easy to listen to and she kept the students attention with stories – as well as entertained with songs.

    Darren Samakosky
    Point Loma High School

  • Kathryn the Grape came to our school and what an amazing experience it was! She conducted two assemblies for the entire student body, and every grade level was engaged with her positive and empowering message. Kathryn Cloward had the students and teachers participate in her assembly, and she even had everyone dancing and singing with her. It was quite a sight to see! Kathryn’s message touched on every key point we could have hoped for, including important real life stories about bullying and being responsible for our own choices. Kathryn was a bright, energetic and motivational speaker who was able to connect with students and teachers alike. Kathryn is definitely someone you want your students to know.

    Christina Hessom

  • I have had the pleasure of seeing Kathryn speak in public on multiple occasions and recommend her without reservation for any professional panel.  I first saw her leading a session at a women’s conference a few years ago.  She covered subject matter that included complex legal and financial details but did it in an informative and engaging manner that also included inspirational encouragement for others to reach entrepreneurial success.  I then saw her give a reading at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore where she entertained families and answered questions holding everyone’s attention in a challenging environment. Finally, having been impressed with her work and these speaking examples, I invited her to speak for a panel titled, “Understanding the Startup Eco-System in San Diego.”

    Kathryn engaged our audience of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals with her tangible and relatable hands-on wisdom gained from her own entrepreneurial business development for over 16 years.  Kathryn knows her stuff, speaks from experience and honestly relates the ups and downs from her road towards astounding business achievements.  She is often humble about her successes, but it is rare to see an entrepreneur achieve her level of success single handedly.

    If your group is looking for someone who can speak from experience and provide relatable, tangible, and candid examples of growing professionally and personally, Kathryn is the natural fit. I am confident your audience will appreciate her memorable presentation as much as ours did.

    Gabriela Dow

  • Kathryn Cloward takes the meaning of her name to a pristine level—epitomizing her clarity, intuition and strength as she delivers her message to others. I am not surprised that Kathryn means “pure” and Cloward means “sharp-witted” and “strong”! I first met Kathryn when she presented at a  conference in San Diego, California. I was scheduled for her first workshop, but was so riveted by her delivery that I quickly changed my schedule to include her second session. As I listened to Kathryn’s passion for her business and her desire to share with others so that they, too, can achieve their goals, I realized that her pureness and clarity—a quality not found in many business owners—helped her to go beyond limits. Yes, Kathryn had achieved a multitude of tangible goals in her business, but her business relationships placed her on solid footing throughout. Likewise, the sharp-witted manner in which Kathryn relayed her experiences revealed that business should not only be about the numbers but also about how we must form solid relationships—business and personal. Last but not least, Kathryn Cloward is unequivocally synonymous with strength. She is a risk taker—mentally and physically. The escapades she shared—bungee-jumping, running a marathon, hiking the top of a half dome, and more—were not just about physical endurance; they were about relaying to the audience what could be achieved when a mental state is aligned with a goal. It was a message I took with me that day—I can’t only physically be in my business; I must mentally prepare each day with success in mind. Kathryn’s energy gave me, even at 61, the mindset that nothing is impossible! Thank you, dear Kathryn!

    Connie Whitcraft, M.Ed.


In September 2018, Kathryn was honored with receiving The San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce Women in Leadership Award. Here is an audience camera phone video of her acceptance speech where she shares some inspiring points about business and life, and cultivating a heart for service.
In this 2012 TEDx Talk, “Choice Point Moments: Doing it Differently,” Kathryn Cloward shares about the power of our choices. Through purposeful personal storytelling, Kathryn inspires the audience with awareness that we are all magical, colorful, and love — the first three affrimations shared in her Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series.
What motivated Kathryn Cloward to dedicate a decade of her life to manifesting an entire series of books and music? In this video, Kathryn shares a bit about the personal transformation she embarked upon that ignited her purposeful journey of channeling, writing, and publishing her Kathryn the Grape series.