Let’s talk about kindness… and I mean self-kindness by way of creating and maintaining boundaries.

Yes, boundaries.

In a time when we’re so aware of being kind to others, many of us are not being kind to ourselves. Some people are experiencing being walked on, energetically thrown up on, and taken advantage of. All of which we ALLOW (sigh…it’s true!) when we’re more concerned about being kind to others and not being kind to ourselves.

Yes, ideally it’s a balanced energy — like the level midpoint while two people are riding a seesaw or when the scales level.

We can be kind to others while also establishing a clear boundary for ourselves. But the clarity of our self-kindness boundary must come from us! We are responsible for being clear.

And yes, some people won’t respond well to establishing a boundary with them because well, they like the way things are when you haven’t had a clear boundary with them. People who are vibrating with the energy of being a victim, manipulative, and/or passive aggressive will perceive a boundary as something horrible you’ve done to them and will probably talk in the shadows about you. Oh, well.

Meanwhile, people who are vibrating with the energy of self-awareness, gratitude, and personal growth will be respectful and honorable of your boundaries — and most likely won’t ever present a circumstance that requires establishing boundary because of mutual respect being the norm.

And guess what else will become crystal clear? Your people!

People who respect each other reveal themselves clearly by respecting each other.

It’s that simple.

It’s that easy.

It’s that clear.

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