I’ve kept most of it inside, seldom sharing details. I’ve taken too many daggers out of my back. I’ve had to fight way too hard for what was rightfully mine from the first place. I cared for others and didn’t grieve my own losses until I was maxed to capacity. And, I’ve trusted the untrustworthy because I hope people will shift their patterns.

But Sedona, she knows. She knows what I’ve endured and why I held it sacred within. She’s been faithfully loving to me. She’s taken all of my pain and transmuted it into wisdom. I’m grateful. That’s why I went to her last week. To thank her. I could have taken a break anywhere but only Sedona deserves my flowing gratitude. While sitting at the foot of Kachina Woman (this photo), I thanked her for welcoming me and calling to me so many times through the years. I thanked her for healing me (again and again) and for flowing so many messages through me — trusting me to cultivate seeds to help others grow. Mother Nature watered my garden with love and Father Time steadied my mind with patience. Blooming. I’m now ready to share my harvest. #44

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