Orange is the color of our sacral chakra. In my Kathryn the Grape series I teach readers about what excitement feels like (what we’re passionate about) by way of how I feel bursting with excitement when I sing, illustrated with the juice of an orange bursting open and singing in my room.

Some people teach from a place of knowledge not necessarily having personal experience with what they share about, which is fine. I felt a strong calling to only share what I’ve personally lived through and gained wisdom from, all of which has taken time. I can share about personal transformation because I’ve braved the path of transparent self-awareness and shifting patterns for a decade. I can share authentically about a full spectrum of business matters because I’ve been a risk-taking entrepreneurial business woman for two decades.

And I can share about the endurance necessary to go the distance because it took more than three decades for the little girl inside me to grow up and live the vision of my dreams. From singing for an audience of dolls and stuffed animals in the sanctuary of my childhood bedroom with my hairbrush microphone to singing my own songs on stage for an audience of real people with a real microphone took time. It took many years to cultivate the stamina, self-confidence, and wisdom needed to step out onto the stage of my life and own it — fully free to shine and openly sharing with others.

Someone said to me recently that I am a late bloomer in the music industry. I responded, “I am not late. I bloomed in my right time.”

My right time is not your right time and visa versa.

Just like it takes plenty of time for a seed to cultivate and grow into a tree with harvested fruit, gaining the wisdom to help fertilize others for their own personal and professional growth takes time too. Nature doesn’t rush. Why do we feel we need to sometimes? Being intentional about our growth with focused care is different than rushing.

May we be mindful with our time. May we be discerning with welcoming only nourishing influences into our lives to water us with goodness. And when ready, may we joyfully share our harvest of wisdom with others to help feed and seed them.

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