I’ve made mistakes. I’ve repeated patterns. I’ve put my heart through the grinder way too many times. I’ve welcomed untrustworthy people into the most scared parts of my life. I’ve had amnesia in matters of love. I’ve risked more than most people would ever imagine. I’ve been on my knees with tears pouring from my eyes in full surrender more than a handful of times.

I often hear people say I’m lucky. Luck has nothing to do with it. I’ve risked. I’ve been broken. I’ve trusted. I pieced myself back together. I’ve survived.

Many lessons needed to be learned for me to step up on this stage for my fourth time and give it all I’ve got…and no one can ever take that from me. I built my dream from scratch and I joyfully help others do the same.

Don’t ever let anyone else be the voice of your truth. Own your story. Brave the unknown. You’re worth it.

We need your light. Shine it!

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