This is my cousin, Michael. He’s pure love. Absolutely everything this man does and says is high vibrating pure love. Nobody is a stranger to Michael. Everyone is a potential friend and once he meets you, his mind will never forget you.

He’s outwardly friendly and affectionate. He loves to hold hands and hug people. He has a firm handshake. Michael’s mind has special capabilities. While he’s 52 years old, his knowledge by schooling standards is of a third grader.

He has a unique look and people often watch him for a few extra seconds when they see him. When I was a self-conscious teenager and didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention to myself, I sometimes felt embarrassed walking with Michael in public because he always wanted to hold my hand and I didn’t like how people stared at us.

It makes me teary to write that — to share that.

I suppose they are tears of a remaining morsel of shame from knowing that he just wanted to be close to me and at the time, I was more concerned with caring about what other people thought than about openly receiving his love. Thankfully, I grew out of that on every level.

I came into the awareness years ago that perhaps Michael is here to remind us about what our “normal” is by simply being who he naturally is…pure love.

In aligning with and affirming that love is our natural nature, may we be transparently honest with ourselves and recognize when we’re allowing our actions to dip down into lower vibrational thoughts of jealousy, envy, worry, gossip, and manipulation.

May we be mindful with simmering our ego mind and allowing our Divine selves to elevate as pure love.

We’re all in process. It’s through awareness and moment by moment choices that we free ourselves to rise up and remain in higher vibrational flow.

Sidebar… Michael loves to sing! A few hours after we snapped this photo, he rocked karaoke like a boss. He’s sang on stage with me before and knows every lyric of every song I’ve ever released. One time while singing together, I missed a line. Michael smiled at me, touched my arm tenderly, and kept singing — sharing his love as he always does.

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