I used to wear business suits and close five to seven figure deals on a regular basis. I was earning six figures at age 27. I checked the box of every goal of the American Dream by age 31. I was the projection of making it.

But none of that sustained joy within me. I wasn’t living the life I always dreamed I’d be living. I wasn’t fulfilled. I was lost. I felt contained. I was attracting toxic and untrustworthy people into my life because I was out of integrity with myself.

My son, Landon, was depending on me to be the person of honor he deserved his Mama to be.

I started making Landon-loving choices that resulted in Kathryn-loving choices. I reshaped my life, over and over. Through tremendous perseverance and pain, I’ve journeyed my way to joy. I healed my deepest wounds. I stood up for myself. I stopped allowing manipulators to control the narrative. I took my power back! I awakened the little girl in me and we started having fun again. I deepened quality relationships and opened up to new respectful connections. I protected my son. I loved fiercely. I forgave. I asked for forgiveness. I channeled without second guessing.

In the cocoon of transformation, I crystallized my pain into my purpose to help others have the tools I had been cultivating for myself. While I still experience struggle — such is life — I actively choose to say “yes” to fulfilling my purpose of helping others shine every day and as a result, I get to live my childhood dream.

This video clip is what “making it” looks like for me now — singing a song I was channeled to write with the heart-centered intention to shine a light of love on these magical ones at the International MPS Symposium.

In a time when many people are thirsty for validation and seek it through external factors, I’ve discovered that fulfillment and sustainable joy is an inside job. It’s our choice! If you’re yearning for change and are willing to shift, I encourage you to brave the journey of transformation because one day in the near future your wings will emerge and you will experience the feeling of truly being free to fly.

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