The locket I’m wearing in this photo holds a penny that magically appeared on my Dad’s bed when I was sitting next to him in hospice on the morning he passed. I was the only one awake in the room at the time, as Mom slept on the couch to my left and Dad rested in his hospital bed to my right.

It was 4am when I felt increasingly chilly. I leaned down to get my jacket and when I sat back up, a penny was magically there on the cuffed sheet under Dad’s chin. I knew what it meant. I had no doubt or disbelief of the magic of manifestation in that Divine moment! The penny was a knowing sign of love and confirmation from beyond. Angels knew I’d recognize its value and message of love.

Dad passed 44 minutes later… Divinely timed at 4:44am. ✨ 🙏

I searched with purpose for the perfect locket to carry his magical penny and I wear it on special occasions and at my shows.

When Dad was still alert that final week of his life and I spent most nights sitting next to him holding his hand or trying to sleep on the couch in his room as the sounds of hospital machines kept a constant rhythm, we talked about life. In those early morning hours, it was just us. Precious and unforgettable moments. One morning he advised me, “Keep going, Mitzybell. You’re doing it.” Every once in while I have to remind myself of those words and the feeling of those moments with him.

Dad raised me to have grit and resilience. He taught me the value of work. He instilled in me a desire for justice, and to stand up for myself and fight with honor for what’s right. His lessons have shined through more than ever lately.

As I continue down my unique and purposeful path in this life I feel no angst about my journey as I know my faithful Angels are guiding me and clearing space. I have no doubts or need to seek confirmation from others. I trust the messages — the flutter feelings, the visions, and the sounds.

Feel. See. Hear. The trifecta of innate superpowers we all have and simply need to trust… if we choose to do so.


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