I was honored to have “Ripple Love” and “Secret Keeper” reviewed by BackStage360 and featured in their August 2017, including a front cover mention. BackStage360 has been supportive of my music career and I am extremely grateful for their willingness to review my music and my headlining live shows.

I invite you to read the BackStage360 double album review article here.

Ripple Love is filled with songs that are meant to empower and inspire.  The young, the not-so-young, the heartbroken and the whole-hearted.  Kathryn’s sweet and lilting vocals send you on a journey, like a guiding hand in the dark, she leads you into faith, strength and hope.


“Secret Keeper” tells the tales of love everlasting and love not meant to be.  Organic and raw yet still refined and polished.  The most haunting track is its title song that speaks of personal experience and healing. Kathryn has an uncanny way of putting feeling into words and words into music that softly awaken a sleeping soul, renewing its energy and appetite.


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