As you may know, I am also known as “Kathryn the Grape.” I am passionate and  purposeful about sharing messages of love, compassion and unity through my illustrated likeness in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series.

I am please to share that my book “Kathryn the Grape’s Kindness Confetti” (co-written with Samantha Prince) just earned the 2017 Best Children’s Fiction Book Award from the San Diego Book Association. This is a really big deal for the Kathryn the Grape series. We are thrilled! Since Samantha and I are both native San Diegans, being honored as authors from our hometown book awards is extra special for us.

If you haven’t had the chance to read this book yet, I invite you to look inside of it and see if the subject matter is relevant to you and your loved ones. “Kathryn the Grape’s Kindness Confetti” tackles the subject matter of bullying in a unique way by shining a light on being accountable for our own choices. We believe people of all ages will benefit from the mindful lessons Maggie teaches Kathryn the Grape in this story.

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