In the past six years, I’ve released five full-length music albums of songs I wrote, and my company produced and published. Yet before I opened up to the flow of channeling so many songs through me, I was scared to sing.

In fact, I gave a TEDx Talk in 2012 and shared about the years I feared the stage. I talked about how I had a major ah-ha moment at a karaoke club by way of my friend Jen Harris at her sister Allison’s birthday party. On that festive evening when asked to sing, I said “no” with a pocket full self-deprecation which ignited Jen to say, “This isn’t American Idol, Kathryn. Just have fun with it.” 😲

Jen’s words stuck with me and eventually ignited a spark within to shift my focus to flaming FUN. Even though years prior I loved singing on stage at Club Med, I had taken all of the fun out of it when adulting and career responsibilities took over. Yet on a soul level, I was disappointed that I never followed through with giving my dream 100% of my manifestation energy.

Thankfully, I soon took off the cloak of fear and allowed myself to enjoy the process of songwriting and singing again like I did when I was younger. From that intentional space, I asked Spirit for guidance and opened the valve for songs to flow in.

I share this story because I encounter so many people who feel stuck without momentum forward because self-deprecation and/or fear has blocked them into non-action. I understand the blocks and I know how to start the process of getting rid of them because I’ve lived it.

My advice…

Start fresh with a clean slate of renewed energy.

Focus on fun work.

Believe in positive outcomes.

Do everything with integrity.

Be patient! Gardens harvest with time.

Then in the absence of doubt and fear, what would you like to manifest? What goals and desires are dormant within you that simply need a spark to ignite your flame of fun? Your manifestation possibilities are unlimited.

You can watch my 2012 TEDx Talk here.

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