Integrity is when what we say and what we do align. Being in integrity means there’s no separation between our words and our actions. In my life experiences, within business and personal dealings, I have witnessed how our natural fight or flight instincts come into play when matters of integrity are questioned.

When people are out of integrity and called on it, some won’t be able to handle it and they take “flight.” When people are out of integrity with you and don’t desire to shift their choices, they won’t face you or look you in the eye. They spin stories in the shadows, and are usually quite good at being manipulative, perhaps even charming.

Conversely, when people are in integrity with you, they will stand up for themselves with honor. They will “fight” for what’s right and what’s fair. They seek resolution and balance, and they will be able to back it up with proof when necessary. People of integrity don’t spin stories and don’t manipulate — they don’t need to! And when people of integrity have fallen short, they take responsibility for it.

You can tell a lot about people’s current states of personal integrity by how they tell stories of challenging circumstances. Who’s being accountable? Who’s blaming? Who’s learning their own lessons? Who’s growing? Listen closely. And more importantly, how are you sharing stories?

I bring this up because at the end of the day, the only person you will be walking with every day for the rest of your life is yourself. Today, I am able to walk peacefully with myself holding a firm line of integrity. But that hasn’t always been the case.

Ten years ago, as I sat on a couch in a therapist’s office, I realized I was out of integrity in some ways with myself and others. That was hard to admit, yet freeing to do so. Desiring to heal and grow, I dove into doing the challenging personal work necessary to get back into alignment with my Divine self. I didn’t avoid the mirror. I looked at myself and took responsibility for what was mine to take and sought forgiveness from those I wronged. I also released myself from shame or blame that wasn’t mine to carry. Within time, every aspect of my life shifted into alignment with my natural Divine integrity. When I say I walk a firm line of integrity, it’s because I do.

Now, this also means that in the past decade, when encountering people out of integrity with me — when I’ve been lied to, cheated on, and stolen from — I’ve risen up and fought for what’s right. People who have been accountable respect me. People who haven’t probably say I’m a b*tch. Nonetheless, I walk the line. I’m okay walking alone at times because I’m at peace with myself.

So I ask you this, those of you who are willing to do your own work to align with your natural Divine. Are you currently able to walk alone and be at peace with yourself? Are you able to hang out with God and feel good about yourself and the choices you’ve made? If not, perhaps today is the day to get back to yourself. Seek forgiveness from anyone you’ve been out of integrity with, including yourself. Forgive the past and release it without shame. Accept your lessons and choose to learn from them. Then take a walk by yourself and be at peace with yourself.

Onward we go…

This journey is what I share in my song, The Healing Road (video below).

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