Shonda Rhimes! LOVE her! Being crazy sick for over a week has meant that I actually watched some TV. I watched a few SuperSoul Sunday episodes and I loved Shonda’s episode about her “Year of Yes.” I love how empowered she was about speaking up about how hard she works. She spoke about working hard at being a writer and working hard at being a mom. She was candid about how she recognizes that if she’s succeeding at one, she is often not succeeding at the other. i.e. Being at a business meeting means she’s missing her daughter’s dance class…etc.

So many of us get this, don’t we??!!

I love how she spoke about how important it is to her that her children see her as a hard working woman. I love that she shined a light on that because I feel the same way. I want my son to know that I consistently work hard because it’s how we have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a car to drive. I want him to know that nothing has ever been given to me and that I’ve earned my own way my entire life. That matters to me! I love that other women are saying that it matters to them, too.

There’s nothing “lucky” about Shonda’s success! She earned it and she is empowered to say so. Yes! And as every empowered woman I know does, her success includes helping create opportunities for so many other people to step into the limelight of their own lives.

I am a huge cheerleader for each of us as women to SHINE doing all of the things we desire to do, and for many of us that includes constantly measuring how one choice impacts another choice. Thankfully, there are women like Shonda and countless others who are inspiring us to be empowered with shaping our lives into the masterpieces WE desire for the benefit of our families and the world we live in.

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