“If those tears could talk, what would they say?” That was a question I was asked a lot when I was growing into loving myself. Up until that point, I had spent most of my life bottling up my true feelings and stuffing them down deep. Then, upon reaching maximum input, I’d overload and combust. I didn’t have a healthy and safe release. And at my own personal rock bottom, I was tired of circling around the same patterns again and again.

Starting a little over ten years ago, I dove deep into therapy and personal development. I wanted to understand myself and I was willing to do the work. The more work I did, the more work I uncovered that needed to be done. But I was open and receptive, and willing to transform myself from the inside out.

As I was acquiring tools of love and awareness for myself, my son was a toddler. I wanted Landon to have the tools I didn’t have as a child. From that point of “toolbox” motivation, I was channeled to create a treasure box of tools of love and understanding shared through self-help books and songs.

Landon’s entire life we’ve talked “feeling” talk. He’s 12 now and I won’t over-fluff… sometimes our recent talks include him responding with deep sighs while saying, “I don’t want to talk about that stuff right now, Mama.” But all in all, I have been mindful about loving him unconditionally while doing my best to fill up his treasure box with tools love, understanding, empowerment, and compassion. And through my Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series, I hope to do the same for your children and you.

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