I saw this and wanted to repost it. I remember how one of my a spiritual mentors helped me understand this concept years ago. Absorbing and understanding this has helped me be more compassionate to others while also being more discerning in choosing who I share my time with.

A bit of a sidebar… In my personal experience, when toxic energy is being rippled out (toxic energy characterized here as gossiping, blaming, lying, manipulating, controlling, etc.) the person who is creating that ripple effect is often unable to look at themselves and their own choices and behavior with a discerning scope of honesty. The reality manifesting in their life is anything but their responsibility. But as we know from the Law of Attraction, we draw into our lives the energy we send out.

I can speak to this with integrity because there was a season in my life where I was allowing myself to absorb and ripple toxic energy. I gossiped. I blamed. I lied. I manipulated. I controlled. (Sigh…how exhausting!)

It wasn’t until I was brutally honest with myself about my own behavior choices while also being intentional about creating space in my life to recognize and heal the wounds that had so much power over me, that I was able to shift directions. Then, I was able to grow into living a more compassionate, transparent, and unconditionally loving life. In fact, I wrote a song called Honesty that will be on my upcoming #RippleLove album that shares this truth about my journey.

May we all choose to meet ourselves deeply. May we all choose to vibrate higher with being accountable for the energy we bring to each and every encounter we have with others, and most importantly with ourselves through our own thoughts, words, and actions. ?

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