While in LA yesterday, I stopped in for a visit with Marcia (“Mrs. P”) and Lisa. We had a lovely visit. It was wonderful to hear Lisa share so many amazing stories about her dad. “Mr. P” is the magical and magnetic man who gifted me with the nickname of Kathryn the Grape 30 years ago. While he is no longer with us on the physical level, I am confident his angel wings flutter close by often.

Nello “Mr. P” Pierozzi lived a vibrant life that rippled love in countless ways. Above everything else, he adored and doted on his wife and daughter (pictured here). He had a banner career as a Navy Captain and jet pilot. He was among the elite as a Blue Angels pilot.

Yet I knew him most as my softball coach. He was a volunteer coach of Navajo softball for over 20 years. Those of us who played Navajo softball were fortunate to have had many tireless volunteer coaches help us through the years, and Mr. P was one of them.

Mr. P’s legacy lives on in countless ways. Through me, his positive imprint on my life lives on through the stories and songs I write. I was not that close with him when he was alive but I do my best to honor him now. The years have shaped my understanding of just how important unconditional love and positive energy can be to one person.

???Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. P. You are loved and appreciated. ??

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