12 years ago I shared space with a group of women in sacred circle time that was hugely influential on my journey of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Many seeds were planted during those years in Shades of Purple that I cultivated into bloom over the past decade.

One of the books we read together during that time was “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen. This book was a major ah-ha for me! At the time, I was feeling tremendous discomfort with the traditional roles of womanhood. I was judging myself harshly for not finding fulfillment in things that other women seemed to be fulfilled with. Then, this book came into my life and I saw myself in the pages of Artemis. It was magical how much I resonated with Artemis’ sense of purpose. Artemis is a protector. She feels strongly about her causes and seeks justice for others. I resonated with Artemis energy on almost every level.

Reading about each Goddess helped me be more understanding, compassionate, and non-judgemental of other women and myself.

For any woman seeking to understand Goddess energy, this slide show provides an overview of what you’d read about in the book. For any man seeking to have a better understanding of the woman you love (and the daughters you are raising) and are open to this kind of teaching, this may be helpful.

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