What’s the best way to arrive at a clear decision about what you want to do with your most precious resource of time? Get crystal clear with yourself about what you DON’T want to do. Contrast is often our best energetic advisor for decision making.

While there are some things I am skilled at doing, I don’t waste a second of my precious time doing them anymore because they aren’t in alignment with what is fulfilling for me now. They don’t feel good to me and I’m resistant to them, thus experiencing inner struggle when I go against my inner knowing. Yet, from that point of resistance and awareness, I allow myself to gain clarity about what I truly want to do. Clarity creates unfiltered momentum. That feel-good momentum is fulfilling.

When we’re experiencing flow, our energy is swift and decisions are clear. The feeling is of ease. When we’re experiencing resistance, our energy is weighted and decisions are conflicted. The feeling is of struggle. We’re either flowing or resisting. It’s that simple.

While responsibilities of life always exist, every moment of every day is filled with choice point moments and it’s up to us to choose for ourselves.

Are we making choices that support what truly fulfills us and feels good?

Are we flowing or resisting?

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