My trademark attorney gave me the heads up that the ten year renewal for my Kathryn the Grape trademarks are coming up in 2020, which is also the decade marker for my company. What a journey! The process of manifesting my Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series of books and songs completely transformed my entire life and brought a more fulfilling depth to my business ventures.

While performances are a small part of what I do, I love every moment I get to share music and messages in live shows. I’m literally living my childhood dream every time I do.

I’m grateful for the gift of time as my company has mindfully expanded to represent media assets for over 40 books, 200 songs, has three trademarked brands, and represents other independent artist. I share this because I know a lot of people experience discouraging seasons when working towards a desired goal or dream. I know I did.

I want to offer encouragement to anyone on the path of materializing the vision in your mind’s eye:

(1) Never minimize your goals to fit into someone else’s comfort zone or narrowed mindset.

(2) Cut loose anyone who demonstrates a pattern of being out of integrity.

(3) And by all means, protect your work legally. Because if you don’t legally button everything up, it may cost you dearly down the line. For example, someone is using one of my company’s trademarked brands as their name. They clearly didn’t do their research before they started their venture and probably won’t be too happy about what’s required of them now for skipping that step. Don’t cut corners.

May we all shine the most colorful and vibrant expression of our natural essence, and love ourselves so much that we freely and joyfully ripple love to others by simply being.

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