I came across this graphic and it brought forth some thoughts I wanted to share. In my books and music I often share about “choice point moments” and it was the subject of my 2013 TEDx talk.

In every moment we make choices about what we allow and create for ourselves. Cultivating a drama-free life is a choice. I actually deleted the word “drama” from my vocabulary a while ago. Well, “drama” used in this context. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I am aware that it’s a trigger for me and transports me back to a season of my life when I allowed, created, and fed the energy of drama in my life. I felt okay gossiping to my close friends because it was kept just between us.

Haha! Isn’t that the most hysterical lie we tell ourselves??!!  The only way to not gossip is to NOT gossip.

But, it wasn’t until I was being gossiped about and was the center of false assumptions that I realized how much it hurt. And most importantly for my journey, I realized how much hurt I had caused and created in times when I was not making loving and kind choices. That’s when I made a choice to stop cultivating the murky energy of “drama” in every way. And while I admit there’s been moments since then when I fell short, I am proud that I was accountable for it and did the work to make repairs.

In my opinion, we are not meant to live this life in a safety bubble reciting the wisdom gained through the life experiences of someone else. We are meant to LIVE fully now. We are meant to continue journeying down our unique path of becoming our best and highest selves day by day. We do that by actively living and actively making choices one moment at a time.

Cultivating a life of love and positive energy is a choice.

Cultivating a life of drama and negative energy is a choice.

What are you choosing to cultivate today?

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