What does a mama bear do the morning after rocking the stage with her Kathryn Cloward and The Royals band? Make her son and his buddy cinnamon rolls as they requested. And what’s the first thing her son says when the pastries are baked, “Mama, did you burn them again this time?” (Keeping it real. Yes, I burn things.)

Yesterday, as I sat with a group of women discussing our journey as women and mothers, I was fully transparent about my ups and downs — my tremendous pain and my empowering triumphs. I also encouraged them to embrace *now* being the time to pursue a desire of their heart that they want to fulfill verses waiting until after their kids are grown.

This is a struggle I often hear from parents — the desire to try something they’ve always wanted to try but feel they have to wait. (Run a marathon. Learn to play guitar. Start a business.Take up painting. Sing in a choir.) Trust me, I lived that struggle for many years and I’ve come to know through life experience that it’s important for our children to experience us trying, reaching, struggling, braving, and even burning breakfast because life is happening now and we’re in process, all of us.

Just like we are inspired by observing others who are being real about their journey, our children are inspired by us being real. They deserve for us to be real and not sugarcoat anything… well, except for cinnamon rolls because that melted sugary goodness is real yummy.

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