In our continued effort to ripple the messages of “Heroes” to help raise awareness and support for MPS, ML, and related rare diseases, Michelle and I shot a video in her bedroom for the forthcoming acoustic duet version of the song. Before the video is shared, I want to share a story about its production…

As our evening progressed, there was a blue light that kept shining on my face in the video takes. Michelle’s brother, Christopher, did his best to adjust it out of the recording. When Christopher made me aware of this persistent blue light, I smiled and said, “That’s okay. I believe that’s Barry making himself known.”

I told Michelle and Christopher about how my dear friend Barry was called “Blue Barry” when he performed with me at Kathryn the Grape shows; he had insisted on having a catchy Kathryn the Grape-style name. Barry even wore a special blue fedora when performing with me. I then shared how Barry insisted on Samantha having a special name when she performed with us, too. To continue the order of our rainbow of colors, I asked children in the audience at one of our trio performances to help us come up with a green name for Samantha. Immediately, a preschooler yelled out, “How about Celery Samantha?” Perfect! And so it was.

Michelle, Christopher and I had a nice laugh about that and I felt the energy of support from Barry and his Angel wings.

When we finished our session, Michelle’s mom took a photo of us with my camera phone — this photo — showing a blue light of love touching Michelle and me. Appropriate.

Before his passing, Barry helped me write the music for a few of my songs, including “Ripple Love” and “We’re All in This Together” (the Kathryn the Grape version of the song), which his amazing children John and Katie receive his songwriting credits for. I believe wholeheartedly Barry shined through last night with his beautifully characteristic persistence to ripple love through his light and remind me as he always did during the time we were so close that I am indeed doing what I am here to do.

Angels among us.

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