When Landon was a baby, I always came up with short songs for him and I sang them to him constantly (much to the annoyance of everyone around us probably). My crimson heart loved being sung to, and naturally I loved singing to him. One of songs was about my UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for him. The lyrics simply repeated these two lines:

I love you all the time there’s nothing you can say to change my mind
I love you all the time there’s nothing you can do to change my love for you


A few years down the line as I was stretching into loving and accepting myself fully (many of you know about this process as I was quite “public” about it and it’s the root of why Kathryn the Grape exists), I went through some challenging seasons filled with growing pains. It was during that period of my life that this song came through, and part of Landon’s lullaby became the chorus of “Unconditionally” (co-written with Rich Wiley).

I’ve learned a lot about our natural state of unconditional love over the years. I have learned that unconditional love includes removing all attachment to our own perceptions of “rightness” and fully allowing others and ourselves to simply BE. The hardest part of this shift in my own awareness was when I realized that I was being conditional about the unconditional love I was expecting from other people.

That was a hard mirror to look at!!

Much has changed in the past few years, and this song is for all of us as we journey along our unique path of BEING the unconditional loving beams of light and love we are naturally. I hope you like this song, and kindly share it with others who you think may benefit from hearing this message of love.

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