This article came out today in the Times of San Diego and wow, it made me pause and reflect on my life because this month completes an 11 year journey of transformation.

October 2008 was the month I walked into a therapist’s office and admitted that my life was in shambles. I was out of integrity with myself and others. Everything was crumbling for me — my marriage, my first company, my illusion. Me.

But, I was willing to do the inner work to become whole and rebuild from the rubble with pieces I wanted to keep. With new tools of self-love, I built a new life for myself and my son while co-parenting beautifully and respectfully with Landon’s dad. I’ve learned and continue to learn.

The lessons never stop!

I’ve forgiven and been forgiven. I I healed and have helped others heal. I rediscovered joy even in the midst of unexpected layers of grief and hardships, both of which I seldom discuss.

A full decade later, here I am doing what I always dreamed of doing and being. What a miracle!!! That’s why I provide tools of love to children (and adults!) through the books and songs I write. They are messages of love because LOVE is what transformed my life. Love is our true nature. We are love. We just need to remember who we are. That’s what I do. I help people remember. 💜

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