And, they’re off!  My next 22 songs have been sent to my producer! These songs will be on my upcoming albums titled, “Ripple Love” and “Secret Keeper.”  I dive into deeper levels of transparency with these songs and tackle some topics that many people find hard to discuss.  I also weave in plenty of songs with my unique messages of unity and universal love.

I wrote/channeled the lyrics, melodies, and music for all of these songs in 2015.  I am proud of how hard I’ve worked to learn what’s been necessary to get to this level, both spiritually and musically.  I am far from being a masterful guitar player, but that doesn’t stop me from just doing it.  It is inspiring to me to know that some of the most impactful songs were composed with just three to five guitar chords.  Simplicity matters!

I am pleased to share that four of my new songs share music co-writes with my friend/bandmate, Barry Rosenbaum, plus his full music writing credit for “Ripple Love.”  I can’t wait for you to hear these new songs!  We are already sharing quite a few of them in our live shows, and we’ve love to share them with you at an upcoming Kathryn Cloward show.

Take it from me, it is never too late to do what your soul has been guiding you to do.  Just try, trust, and believe.

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