It’s been an incredible year. My word for 2019 has been “expand” and it’s been expansive in every way. I’m grateful.

In looking through my photos of so many rad moments captured, including many pro photos at shows, a selfie I took with my son in the waters of Eleuthera is my favorite so far. It was a joyful day ijut hanging out in aqua blue waters.

Yet, with 20 more days to capture memorable moments, it could end up being this year’s fav photo or not. Time will tell.

Which makes me ponder as I do…

With 20 days left in this year before we roll into 2020, there’s plenty of time to manifest the ending of this decade that we desire. 20 days is more than enough time!

So let’s get to it!

If the ending desired means we need to free up time/space in our lives to experience it, then do it to be it.

We become by being.

If starting to write that book or song is what you desire, be a writer by writing. If reconnecting with someone you care about matters, let nothing stand in your way to be the connector. And if you’ve wronged someone and haven’t said “I’m sorry” yet, be accountable by saying it with sincerity.

Whatever we desire to be, we’re one decision away from creating that reality. It’s our choice.

As Landon and every teenage boy I know would say at this point, “LET’S GOOOO!”

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