While strolling through Liberty Station near Liberty Public Market last night, this sign caught my attention.

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He’s revealed himself to me this week quite a few times, most apparent in the waiting room of Bond’s Automotive & Collision Inc. As I waited for my car to be checked in, I sat across from a man who looked similar to my Dad. Balding head. Glasses. iPad with matching iPad bag. It was surreal.

I kept staring at him. When he looked up and smiled at me, I lost it. I was overcome with immediate emotion. I smiled back and tried to say, “You look like my Dad.”

He leaned in and said, “What?”

Obviously he couldn’t understand my words through my emotional release. I repeated my words as I did my best to wipe away the gushing tears. I was shocked by how overcome I was in the moment.

Composing myself, we embarked on a lovely conversation. We sat for about 15 minutes together talking. He told me about his grandchildren. He showed me photos of one of his grandsons who loves to play tennis. I spoke about Landon and his love for basketball. He shared about how he came to live in San Diego from Chicago many years ago.

He told me about how much he loves going to Taco Tuesday at Duke’s La Jolla and asked if I had ever been. I told him that I hadn’t but would like to. He told me his name was Mickey. I introduced myself. I gave him my card and invited him to come see a show sometime. He said he’d like to.

When the attendant came into the waiting area to tell Mickey that his car was done, he didn’t get up right away. He continued to sit with me. He was not in a rush. Eventually, he tucked his iPad into his iPad bag and stood up. I stood up too and walked towards him. We hugged goodbye.

I went back to my chair and just sat there. I smiled a bit. I teared back up a bit thinking about Dad and how life has been the last two years. I knew I was meant to be in that waiting room in that moment to meet Mickey. I was exactly where I needed to be.

Mickey has already emailed me and we are making arrangements to meet up for Taco Tuesday at Duke’s. I’m grateful for my new friend.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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