Kathryn Cloward Trust. Believe. Cannonball.

We’ve been spending a lot of time swimming lately and enjoying the simplicity of summer. It’s been really nice!

The other day I captured this photo of my son doing a cannonball in the pool. As I was scrolling through my photos today this picture reminded me of a speech my dear friend Melissa gave about how essential and liberating it is to make cannonball choices in our lives. She spoke about empowering ourselves to jump in — ALL IN — and simply go for it. Trust. Believe. Cannonball. Melissa shared many examples of her own personal cannonballs, including her decision to donate one of her kidneys to her best friend. (Unconditional love amplified!)

In the last several months, as I’ve been garnering the inner strength and courage to step up to the next phase of my life with releasing new music that is full of Divinely channeled songs and stories of my personal challenges in love and loss, I realize I’ve been preparing for my next cannonball moment. It’s like I’ve been climbing the stairs to the high dive platform, one vulnerable step at a time. Now, I’m standing on the edge prepared to jump in. Actually, I’ve been on the edge for a while. I just haven’t been ready to actually do it. I needed to gift myself with time (many months!) to pause and be in reflection.

Thankfully, I’m finally ready to cannonball into the next phase of my life. I’m ready to jump in.

I trust.

I believe.


For those of you standing on the edge of a high dive platform decision for your life, may you have the inner strength and courage to cannonball into what’s next for you. Trust. Believe. Cannonball.


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