Heart-Centered Mindful Messenger of Love

Kathryn Cloward is a purposeful messenger of love who’s earned national praise for her award-winning, intentional Kathryn the Grape® Affirmation Series of books and music. Through her illustrated likeness, she shares her unique and inclusive stories of love, compassion, acceptance, and unity with the world.

In 2015, Kathryn fulfilled her childhood dream by releasing two full-length music albums filled with her original “Kathryn Cloward” songs. A vulnerable and transparent lyrical storyteller, Kathryn reveals her heart, hopeful and healing life experiences, and soul-shining personal transformation through the songs on her debut albums, Free to Fly and A Soft Place to Fall. Creating an intentional ripple effect for her music and her messages, Kathryn enjoys sharing with audiences of all sizes and all ages.

Having fully opened up to being in the flow of receiving, creating, and sharing mindful messages through writing songs and books, Kathryn is intent on continuing to be a clear conduit of creative expression. In November 2016, she released her all new Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series of positive books and music. In 2017, she released two more full-length Kathryn Cloward music CDs of her original songs, Ripple Love and Secret Keeper. Kathryn independently publishes and distributes her books and music through her media company, Kandon Unlimited, Inc.

Kathryn has been recognized throughout her career for her inspirational and purposeful endeavors. She was honored in 2010 with San Diego Metro’s Top 40 Under 40 Award and Speak for Success’ Women Changing the World’s Inspirational Woman Award, she’s been nominated twice for San Diego Magazine’s Women of the Year Award (2012 and 2017).

Kathryn has also received multiple awards for her songwriting and performing. Her song, “I Will Be Going,” earned the Best Americana Song of the Year at the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards and was recognized as Best Americana Artist by Indie Music Channel’s 2016 Radio Music Awards. Her Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series was honored with five 2017 Family Choice Awards and five 2017 Mom’s Choice Awards; “I Am Happy Being Me” earned Best Children’s Song of the Year at the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards; and her book, Kathryn the Grape’s Kindness Confetti, was recognized as the 2017 Best Children’s Fiction Book by the San Diego Book Association Awards.  

The Purposeful Path

An Altruistic Serial Entrepreneur on a Spiritual Journey

With more than 17 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, Kathryn has built her career with hard work, relentless ambition, creative risk-taking and entrepreneurial optimism. Having self-funded her college education by waiting tables — without taking out any student loans — Kathryn sought adventure beyond her hometown upon graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in communications. She ventured to Florida for employment with Club Med, where she worked in customer service during the day and sang and danced in live stage shows at night, including being a featured solo singer. Choosing to move beyond the States, Kathryn lived in New Zealand for a year before returning to her native San Diego and launching her entrepreneurial-focused career.

In the beginning of her professional endeavors, Kathryn chose to work for two different companies that fostered self-starting business models (100% commission), where she thrived and earned over 30 achievement awards for sales and management excellence. In fully recognizing her internal motivation and desiring to blend her work life with her altruistic nature, she launched her first company in 2005. Guardian Foods, Inc. was a food marketing company focused on bridging the gap between national food manufacturers and nonprofit agencies that hosted food distribution programs. Kathryn built her company to achieve multi-million-dollar gross annual sales, an achievement resulting from good old-fashioned cold calling, relationship building and hard work. Although the company reached incredible heights, it experienced a dramatic decline as the recession of 2007 – 2009 caused three of her top clients to go bankrupt. These losses created a ripple effect that engulfed everyone involved, and Kathryn made the challenging yet wise decision to fold her company.

As she was experiencing the effects of the shifting landscape with the economy and its impact of her flagship company, Kathryn knew she needed a new challenge. Knowing the food industry wasn’t her passion and she didn’t want to work for someone else, she chose to believe in herself and her consistent ability to create and grow something from the seed of an idea — launching her second company in mid-2008. The concept for Natural Kidz Inc. was conceived soon after she discovered her son had a life-threatening peanut allergy. With a passionate awareness to help children lead healthy and safe lives, and a desire to be a more conscious member of society, she created an online marketing portal for natural and sustainable products. Kathryn sold the company in 2013 to a long-time employee.

Awakening to Her Life’s Purpose

As she was growing Natural Kidz and folding Guardian Foods, Kathryn experienced the awakening of her life. In January 2009, as she was deeply affected by significant life changes in her professional and personal lives, she was awakened at 3 a.m. a few days in a row with the message “get up and start writing Kathryn the Grape” flowing through her mind. Kathryn answered her intuitive call to action — developing the idea her mom had in 2000 to make Kathryn’s childhood nickname a children’s book character. One morning she got up and started writing. The more she wrote, the more she was inspired with the clear awareness that her life’s purpose was to be a messenger of love and life lessons. She was infused with the desire to help other people have the same affirming tools of love she’d been cultivating for herself.

As the stories and lessons of Kathryn the Grape took shape, Kathryn was also developing the awareness to trust her intuitive knowing first and foremost. With a clear vision in her mind’s eye for what she could and would manifest for Kathryn the Grape years down the line, she knew she wasn’t meant to trust an established publishing company to shape the destiny of her series. In another extremely risky move fueled by her unlimited resilience and intuitive awareness, Kathryn launched her own independent media company. Blending her and her son’s names (Kathryn + Landon), she launched her third corporation, Kandon Unlimited, Inc. Purposed with developing and sharing heart-centered mindful media and cultivating a positive ripple effect throughout the world, Kathryn has been intent from day one to be a trailblazer for creating a platform for messages of love, compassion, and unity. She also took her messages to the Internet as the executive and artistic producer of two seasons of the student-hosted Kathryn the Grape’s Magical Hour radio show and her own radio show, The Ripple Effect® with Kathryn Cloward.

She launched Kathryn the Grape in December 2010 and within three years she created, wrote, and published three award-winning books and one award-winning seven-song music CD. But things soon changed as her illustrator was unable to continue with the series. Standing at a challenging moment — whether to continue on with the series as she’d always envisioned or not — she decided to yet again trust her intuition that she’d find another illustrator to finish the work necessary to complete the seven-book series — which is exactly what happened. Yet, as with all artistic expression, a new artist meant Kathryn the Grape looked different. Knowing that having a different looking Kathryn the Grape character for books four through seven was not wise, she decided to take Kathryn the Grape off the market and start over from scratch. Almost three years in the making, Kathryn re-launched Kathryn the Grape in December 2016 with four new books and a brand new 11-song music CD. She’s on track to release the final three books in her seven-book Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series, a new music CD, and much more in 2018.

Dream Living

During those years of manifesting the new Kathryn the Grape series, Kathryn also manifested her lifelong dream. With focused attention on writing songs for a debut Kathryn Cloward album, she spent a few years writing her first album, taking voice and guitar lessons, and learning the ropes of the music business. In 2015, she released her first two albums, Free to Fly and A Soft Place to Fall, and in 2017 released two more, Ripple Love and Secret Keeper, all on her Kandon Unlimited, Inc. label.

In a vibrant expression of her true nature, Kathryn radiates while sharing her original music in live shows for audiences of all ages as Kathryn the Grape or with her Kathryn Cloward Band.

A seasoned and energetic inspirational speaker, Kathryn also shares nuggets of wisdom she’s gleaned from real-life experiences through a variety of speaking platforms. From sales trainings and self-improvement seminars to the TEDx stage and school assemblies, Kathryn enjoys motivating and inspiring others to live vibrant lives and achieve their own goals and dreams. Weaving live music performances into her presentations is just one way Kathryn continues to connect with audiences of all ages from all walks of life.

Kandon Cares

Raised by her parents to give back, Kathryn has consistently channeled her energy into graciously helping others by donating her time and resources to a variety of non-profit organizations and enrichment programs for youth.

As a result of a trip she took to the rural villages of Africa in 2005 with a non-profit organization she’d been raising money for, she was inspired to do more. Moved by the awareness that many children in rural villages weren’t able to attend school because they didn’t exist or were too far away — and knowing those who did walked upward of six miles each way, with many girls opting out of education to allow their brothers the opportunity — Kathryn was energized to raise money and awareness for building schools and sustaining life through freshwater wells. She created a multi-city 12-mile walk-a-thon called Walk Their Walk that raised more than $60,000 to fund construction of a school and two freshwater wells in Zambia.

With focused energy on helping others in her hometown, Kathryn was honored with an invitation from Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary to write and perform a new theme song for its annual Celebration of Champions® event. “We Are Champions” is a song about courage and hope, and the light of love that shines on every child journeying through cancer. She also aligned with the not-for-profit Intrepid Theatre Company to write and perform an original song for its Exiled Voices: Refugee Art Experience. “My Name is Divine (Jina langu ni Diviné)” is about an 18-year-old high school student from Mozambique. Kathryn was also honored with an

Through the development of Kandon Cares, Kathryn is streamlining her passion for helping others into creating a new platform for people of all ages to shine through music, art and heart-centered mindful development projects.