My son made me this clay molding of his hand for Mother’s Day when he was in first grade (five years ago). It’s one of the many priceless motherhood treasures he’s gifted me. Today, I broke it on accident. I had a little cry when I did. He rushed into the room and reassured me that we could glue it back together.

As I picked up the pieces, I felt a longing for my dad.

Dad was a wizard with glue. I once shattered a porcelain doll into pieces and he meticulously and magically glued her back together. You couldn’t really tell that the doll had been broken unless you looked closely. That memory of my Dad sitting at his work bench in the garage makes me smile right now.

While broken things are often discarded, many can be fixed with glue. We simply need to have the desire to repair them and patience to allow glue enough time to set.

Love is like glue. When we’re feeling broken, love connects our pieces back together. Love heals us.

If you’re feeling a brokenness on any level, be patient with yourself. Rest. Allow unconditional love time to work it’s magic in your life.

Then, you will most likely be more patient and compassionate with others when they are feeling broken because you have experienced your own process of healing and know what it takes. And then when all of us who have braved self-healing look closely at each other, we will see the seams of love that put us back together and we’ll smile at each other and say, “I understand.”

And, if you’re wondering… Yes, I was able to glue Landon’s artwork back together. His heart hand resides in a sacred place in my bedroom with some of my other priceless treasures.


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