Hey Friends! I am giving it my ALL for the final few days of the Guitar Center Songwriter 6 Competition. I had a slow start but I am aiming to finish strong, and I would really appreciate your help! 

To be completely transparent, I gave up on this contest for a while. Soon after I signed up to participate in it, my dear friend and band keyboardist died. Barry’s death impacted me tremendously, especially since our friendship was just so beautifully unique. I wrote a tribute about him and posted it on my website here.  I invite you to read it. While I miss Barry beyond measure, I will treasure our bond forever and I trust he is close by encouraging me to continue on my path of dream living as relentlessly as ever.

Thus… I am giving it my ALL to see if I can get on the Leaderboard by the time the contest ends on November 1st.

I have discovered that video views are increasing my contest points, and that’s where you come in.

Would you kindly click on THIS LINK and watch one or all five of the videos I have posted on my page. If possible, leaving a comment would be super helpful too. While the current Top 5 in the contest have crazy huge numbers (Good for them!), I’m aiming to try to get into the Top 14—which would get me onto the Leaderboard and hopefully gain the attention of the judges to move me into the Finals.

Thank you for your continued support of my music and my messages.

🙂 Kathryn

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